A state of confusion is what I was in
I walked in the darkness along with my sin
I knew something was wrong in this life of mine
But just what was missing I could not define

I went a long way, I was rambling along
Not putting my finger on just what was wrong
Until that day came when my rambling was done
I found my confusion was finally gone

Confusion was replaced with beautiful peace
A promise given that my dark days would cease
New life has been given to me by His Hand
My sin debt’s been paid by the blood of the Lamb

Wonders and promises are given to me
By my side He’s promised He always would be
He will be right there whenever I call
And pick me right up if I ever should fall

He’s blessed me endlessly I have to admit
And taught me to look up and never to quit
So much I have learned that my mind’s in a whirl
But all this He’s promised to His precious world

Make Jesus our Lord that’s all we need do
All of His promises will truly come true
It’s not all that hard as we think it will be
And joy we will have for an eternity!

Kate Plourde, 1981


About Maranatha

Desire to be a testimony for the Lord Jesus Christ and to lead others to Him!
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