ABC's From My Heart


Thou art my Advocate, interceding for me. 12
My Bridegroom I will one day face-to-face see. 11
A Cornerstone to my Christian foundation. 11
Deliverer from trials as well as temptation. 12

Everlasting Father has a Hand of mercy
A Fountain, My thirst removest far from me
Thou art my Guide, without Thee I do wander
My High Priest, for my salvation Thou didst suffer

Immanuel, God with us, alone I won’t be
Oh holy Judge, Thou wilt judge me righteously
O King, how I long to witness Thy reign
Thou became a Lamb, for my salvation to gain

My Mediator, to the Father proclaimest
Thy Name above all Names, Thou art the Greatest
The Only Begotten, The First and the Last
The Passover Lamb, buried my sins in the past

Quicken my heart Lord, Thy Spirit I desire
Redeemer of my sins and from hell’s fire
O Shepherd of my soul, Thou carest for me
Thou art the True Vine, I do perish without Thee

United with the Father, Thy voice do I hear
Victorious o’er death no more shall I fear
Word of Life Thou hast truly opened mine eyes
To witness Thy EXample of love from on high

Thou art Yahweh, Creator and the Most High One
Thy Zeal for redemption, my soul Thou hast won!

Kate Plourde
June 17, 2002


About Maranatha

Desire to be a testimony for the Lord Jesus Christ and to lead others to Him!
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