Great Story on Forgiveness


It was a year ago that Joshua got a bike for Christmas, and he rode it every day. That is, until recently, when the bike was gone from its usual place. Running to his front yard, Joshua, 9, saw a man loading it into his car. He shouted, but the man drove off.

Mrs. Saffle said Joshua has strong faith, and told his dad he forgave the thief. What’s more, he wanted the thief to know he was forgiven. So the next day, he dictated a message that his mother wrote on a large poster-board. He signed it, stapled it to a sawhorse and put it in the front yard.

”To the person who stole my bike: You really hurt my feelings when you took my bike. But I am a Christian and because Jesus forgave me, I FORGIVE YOU!!”

When Joshua’s father left for work the next day, the sign was face-down in the yard. But then, at the end of the driveway, the bike was back, and with new handlebars, grips and a new front fork assembly.

~Author Unknown

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