I’m Outraged at Barack Obama’s Stand on Life!

Obama regrets intervening to save Terri Schiavo
‘It wasn’t something I was comfortable with’

Posted: February 27, 2008
10:33 am Eastern

© 2008 WorldNetDaily

Terri Schiavo

Asked in last night’s debate to name a regret, Sen. Barack Obama said he would like to take back his vote authorizing Congress to intervene to save the life of the brain-injured Florida woman Terri Schiavo.

Schiavo, on whom WND reported extensively, died of starvation and dehydration in March 2005, two weeks after a federal judge ruled her husband could order doctors to withhold food and water.

Her parents, Robert and Mary Schindler, battled unsuccessfully through Florida’s state courts and federal courts to spare her life. She was not on artificial life support but needed a feeding tube to eat and drink, a measure her husband opposed.

Congress got involved by allowing the Schindlers to argue their case in federal court after their appeals in state courts failed. The Senate approved by unanimous consent a compromise plan that the House later endorsed and President Bush signed.

But during last night’s Democratic presidential candidate debate with Sen. Hillary Clinton, Obama confirmed he believed congressional intervention in Schiavo’s case was wrong.

“When I first arrived in the Senate that first year, we had a situation surrounding Terri Schiavo,” Obama said. “And I remember how we adjourned with a unanimous agreement that eventually allowed Congress to interject itself into that decision-making process of the families. It wasn’t something I was comfortable with, but it was not something that I stood on the floor and stopped,” he said.

“And I think that was a mistake, and I think the American people understood that that was a mistake. And as a constitutional law professor, I knew better,” Obama continued.

A priest who was with Schiavo during her final hours later told WND that many in society don’t understand the difference between a futile treatment and a futile life.

Father Frank Pavone of Priests for Life said even healthy people, if brain-injured, are in danger under the current case precedents.

“Terri left no indication that she wanted to be deprived of food and water. Yet the courts insisted that this happen. Nor was Terri lacking a family ready to care for her, without complaint. Yet they were not allowed to,” he said.

According to LifeSite News, Obama also said during an April 2007 debate that he should have fought to cut off Schiavo’s food and water earlier.

For rest of story, read Source: Obama Regrets Intervening to Save Terri Schiavo”

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4 Responses to I’m Outraged at Barack Obama’s Stand on Life!

  1. sparrow says:

    Why on earth are you upset at Barack over this? Legally – and as a Constitutional Law Professor Obama knows this – the husband has the ultimate decision on such matters. Period.
    If you want to be angry with anyone, be angry with her husband.

  2. Kate says:

    First off, why would I want to vote for someone who supports the right to allow someone’s life to be ended in this manner? It won’t end there either. Next step will include euthenasia of senior citizens who are a burden to their families, etc.

    Secondly, why would I want to vote for someone who supports abortion?

    Both these atrocities end in the death of someone who could not speak for himself! If someone does not go to battle for the helpless, who will? Who will be their advocate except for people like us who expose some politicians for the wicked people they really are?

    Mr. Schiavo is not running for the Presidency of the United States so I do not need to put the warning out for him or be angry with him. God will give him what he deserves. But I do need to put the warning out on Obama because he will lead our beloved country into destruction with his liberalism.

  3. Jay says:

    @ Sparrow:

    Obama is a BAD Constitutional Law professor.

    Ms. Schiavo was not terminally ill. She was severely disabled, and had a life expectancy of another 30 years or so. And the Florida court system allowed her to be starved to death. If that’s not an unconstitutional taking of life and liberty — nothing is.

    While there is the common law right to refuse life-saving medical treatment, there is no indication that this was her wish. In fact, her husband cared for her for 7 years before he “remembered” Ms. Schiavo’s statements concerning prolonged medical treatment.

    While the spouse is often the decision-maker in difficult end of life decisions (remember, her life wasn’t near its end), Ms. Schiavo’s husband had conflicts of interest. She formerly sought to divorce him before she became disabled. He also stood to inherit a substantial amount of money that was won in a lawsuit to be used for her care. Furthermore, he continued in an extra-marital affair while his wife has disabled and refused to divorce her to keep his hands on the money.

    Evidently, Barak was such a bad Con Law professor, he had to switch his career to politics. Barak’s brand of “hope” for Americans does not include severely disabled Americans.

    With hope like that, who needs it?

  4. Kate says:

    Good post Jay! We Americans have a God-given responsibility of voting people in office who will support the very foundation our country was built upon. Our foundation was based on Christian principles and daily the foundation is chipped away by the liberalism of the likes of Obama. Come quickly, Lord Jesus!!!

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