Testimony of Former Catholic Priest Richard Bennett

If you are a catholic and you are truly seeking to make sure that you are doing exactly what God would have you to do, won’t you please visit Richard Bennett’s website at Berean Beacon? He was a catholic priest for 22 years in Ireland and Rome. If a mere former catholic lay person like myself cannot compel you to compare the teachings of the catholic church with the Bible, then maybe this former catholic priest can help you to understand how he saw the differences.

Please, I beg you. I am not here to point fingers or to judge you. That is not up to me but to the God of Glory! I am here, however, to lead you to Him in any way that I can. I am here to tell you my story. If you won’t listen to me, then please go read about Richard Bennett. Every question – every doctrine in question – that you might have, will be covered there. Since the catholic church teaches that the church and its leaders are better able to interpret Scriptures, then maybe you will hear what Brother Bennett has to say.

My prayer is that my blog will lead at least one soul to Jesus Christ!

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1 Response to Testimony of Former Catholic Priest Richard Bennett

  1. rsoshersas says:

    Yes, you are so right. One cannot be a papist and a Christian. The Romanists worship crackers and the goddess Mary. This is far from faith in Jesus Christ alone!

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