Mini-Manna for Little Lambs – Day 5 – Telling the Truth

Bible Verse

Lie not one to another(Col 3:9a)


Let’s color a picture of Bobby today (point to Bobby and smile). What is Bobby doing? Yes, Bobby is praying (clap your hands, smile and say the word praying enthusiastically)! Who is Bobby praying to? Bobby is praying to God. Good job, Bobby!! (Clap your hands and smile and say yeh!)

Never Tell a Lie
(Sing to Mary Had a Little Lamb)

I must never tell a lie
Tell a lie
Tell a lie
I must never tell a lie
The Bible says it’s sin

I must always tell the truth
Tell the truth
Tell the truth
I must always tell the truth
For God I must obey

Bible Time

Let’s open the Bible and learn what God says about lying.

Lie not one to another(Col 3:9a)


Mommy asked Bobby to pick up his toys in his bedroom. Bobby did not obey Mommy (shake head no and make a sad face). Instead of picking up his toys, Bobby sat down and read his book. Mommy saw Bobby reading his book and she asked him, “Bobby, did you pick up your toys like I asked you to?” Bobby said, “Yes”! (Make a sad face.) Bobby told a lie, didn’t he? He did not pick up his toys at all (shake your head No and make a sad face). Mommy saw his toys on the floor and she knew that Bobby had told her a lie. This made Mommy very, very sad (make a sad face). Mommy had to punish Bobby because he told her a lie and the Bible says that lying is a sin. Mommy made Bobby pick up all his toys and then all of his sister’s toys, too. Then Mommy had Bobby kneel down and pray and ask God to forgive him for telling a lie. Bobby was so sad that he had lied to his Mommy. Later, Bobby went to see Mommy in the kitchen and said, “Mommy, I’m sorry that I told you a lie!” Mommy smiled and gave Bobby a big hug! (clap your hands and smile)

The Bible says it is a sin to tell a lie. Lie not one to another(Col 3:9a) Because Bobby told a lie, his Mommy had to obey God and punish him. Why did Mommy have to punish Bobby? Mommy did not want Bobby to lie again so she punished him. That is why Mommy punishes you when you are bad.

Teaching Throughout the Day

Throughout the day, make sure to listen closely to what your children are saying so you can hear right away if they lie. Use each opportunity to deal with this sin. Repeat the Bible verse several times so they can commit it to memory.

Dear God…
I know that telling a lie is a sin.
Help me to always tell the truth.

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